The Law of Anthony S. Khoury

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Services Offered:

I can represent you in the following types of criminal cases (among others):

  1. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs ("DUI") [Vehicle Code Section 23152(a)/(b), et seq.]
  2. Traffic Offenses (e.g. Exhibition of Speed [Vehicle Code Section 23109(c)], Speed Contest [Vehicle Code Section 23109(a)], Reckless Driving [Vehicle Code Section 23103(a)])
  3. Domestic Violence [e.g. Penal Code Sections 243(e)(1) and 273.5(a)]
  4. Assault and Battery [e.g. Penal Code Sections 242 and 245(a)(1)]
  5. Weapons Possession [e.g. Penal Code Sections 653 and 12020, et seq.]
  6. Drug Possession, Transportation, and Possession for Sale [e.g. Health and Safety Code Sections 11350, et seq., and 11377, et seq.]

I can also represent you in business litigation matters, including, but not limited to:

  1. Contract disputes
  2. Wage and hour claims;
  3. Class actions;
  4. Franchisor/franchisee disputes;
  5. Bad faith/insurance claims.